Project Topics on Academic Library

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Academic Library

  • Motivation For Improved Staff Productivity In Academic Library (A Case Study Of Imo State University)

  • Wireless Connectivity; It’s Transformative Impact On The Academic Library Writing A Plan (Action Plan For Some Activity, Advertising Plan, Communications Plan)

  • Influence Of Information Literacy Skills On User Education In Academic Library

  • Alternative Fundings And Sources Of The Sustainability Of Library Services In College Or Academic Libraries In Cross River State

  • Information Communication Technology And Collection Management In Academic Library (A Case Study Of Imo State University Library, Imo State)

  • Comprehensive Design Proposal And Construction Management Expertise For The Academic Library

  • Funding And Academic Library Service In College Libraries In Cross River State

  • Effect And Use Of Internet Facilities On Acquisition Of Information Resources In Academic Library

  • Library Service Quality As A Determinant Of Users Satisfaction In Academic Library In Oyo State, Nigeria

  • Analysis And Customer Service Quality Plan, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan, Technology Plan For An Academic Library

  • Electronic Resources And Their Impact On The Academic Library; Library Visits, Reference Service And Circulation

  • Art Work Display In The Academic Library To Promote Spirituality Or To Support Liberal Arts And The Humanities Among Students / Faculty

  • Acquisition And Management Of Serials In Academic Libraries (A Case Study Of Federal University Of Technology (FUTO) Owerri)

  • An Examination Of Academic Library Services And The Need For Effective Marketing Of The Services

  • Staff Development Programme In The Academic Library In Nigeria

  • Common Culture Created / Supported / Enhanced By The Academic Library On Campus

  • An Evaluation Of The Acquisition Practices In The Academic Library In Nigeria

  • Accreditation And The Role Of The Academic Library In Undergraduate, Graduate, And Other Teaching Programs (Adult, Community, Distance Education)

  • Procurement And Use Of Library Oriented Software Packages For Effective Retrieval Of Information Resources In Academic Library

  • Providing Academic Library Services In An Environment Where Faculty Are Increasingly Teaching A Curriculum That Draws Less And Less On Library Resources

  • Programming To Attract Students To The Academic Library (Art Exhibitions, Book Swaps, Comfortable Furniture, Expresso Bars, Hosting Campus Meetings And Conferences, Lectures, Poetry Readings)

  • Role Of Library Committee In The Development Of An Academic Library (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa)

  • Students In The Academic Library; Client, Customer Or Patron And The Difference It Makes In How We Refer To Our Users And Community Of Student / Faculty Scholars

  • Attitude And Perception Of Librarian Towards Library Marketing In Academic Library