Project Topics on Accounting Practices

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Accounting Practices

  • Effect Of Ethical Accounting Practices On Organizational Productivity In Nigeria

  • A Critical Appraisal Of Environmental Accounting Practices And Regulations In Nigeria Economy

  • Assessing The Impact Of Human Resources Accounting Practices On The Performance Of Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

  • Cost Accounting Practice In The Oil Industry

  • The Impact Of Information And Communication Technology In Accounting Practice In Nigeria (A Case Study Of PZ Cussion ABA)

  • Ethics And Accounting Practice In Nigeria

  • Accounting Standards And Their Impact On Accounting Practice In Nigeria

  • Professional Independence And Quality Control In Audit Practice Of Selected Accounting Firms

  • The Effect Of Professional Accounting Bodies On Accounting Practices (A Case Of ANAN)

  • The Impact Of Accounting Profession And Accounting Practice On Nigeria Economy (A Case Study Of Kayode Olayemi & Co Chartered Accountants)

  • Practices Of Accounting Firms In Tax Avoidance: The Nigerian Experience

  • The Effects Of Unethical Accounting Practice On Financial Reporting Quality In Nigeria (Case Study: Afribank Plc, Cadbury Plc)

  • Oil And Gas Accounting: Practice, Challenges And Solutions In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Shell Nigeria Plc)

  • Financial Accounting Theory And Practices And Corporate Governance In Nigeria

  • Environmental Accounting Practices And Financial Reporting In Oil And Gas Industry

  • Practices Of Accounting Firms In Tax Avoidance The Nigerian Experience

  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting Practice And Financial Performance Of Listed Construction Firms In Nigeria

  • Cost And Management Accounting Practice In An Organization (A Case Study Of John Holt Nig. Ltd)

  • Implication Of Information Technology On The Practice Of Accounting In Nigeria

  • Information And Communication Technology And Accounting Practice In Nigeria

  • The Effectiveness Of Management Accounting Practices In Enhancing Decision Making

  • Depreciation Accounting Practices And Profitability Of Selected SME In Port Harcourt

  • Human Capital Accounting Practices In Corporate Reporting Among Nigerian Companies

  • Unethical Accounting Practices And Financial Reporting Quality In Nigeria

  • An Assessment Of Ethical Thoughts In Accounting And Effects On Accounting Practice