Project Topics on Alcohol

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Alcohol

  • Prevalence And Effect Of Drug Abuse, Smoking And Alcoholism On Students’ Academic Performance

  • Alcohol Consumption And Negligence Among Nigerian Road Users

  • Effect Of Alcohol On Spousal Abuse

  • An Analysis Of Students Participation Of The 18+ Warning Sign In Alcohol Advertisements In Nigeria Tertiary Institution

  • Determination Of Sugar Content, Alcoholic Content, Vitamin A Content On Soft Drink Such As Amstel Mal, Guinness Malt And Maltina And It’s Effect In Human Consumption

  • Prevalence And Factors Associated With Alcohol Use Among Students In University Of Abuja

  • Production And Fermentation Of Alcohol From Palm Wine

  • Drugs And Alcoholism Among Cab Riders In FCT Abuja (A Study Of NUTRW Branch Of Apo Legislative Quarters)

  • Contribution Of Television Advertisement To Consumption Of Alcoholic Drinks Confidentiality

  • The Effects Of Alcohol Consumption And Acquaintance Rape In Tertiary Institutions (A Case Study Of College Of Education, Ekiadolor-Benin)

  • Statistical Analysis Of The Consumption Of Cigarette And Alcoholic Drinks In Tertiary Institutions (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede)

  • Drug And Alcoholic Abuse Among The Youths

  • Alcoholism And Drug Abuse In Nigeria: The Role Of Christianity In Curbing The Menace

  • The Effects Of Alcohol And Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Uniform Men

  • Causes And Effect Of Alcoholism Among Youths

  • Impact Of Social Media Advertisement Of Alcoholic Drink On Drinking Habit Of Youth

  • The Depiction Of Alcohol Addiction Trauma In Paulla Hawkin’s The Girl On The Train And Binyanvanga Wainaina’s One Day I Will Write About This Place

  • The Effect Of Alcoholism On The Academic Performance Of Students In Calabar South Local Government Area Of Cross River State

  • Alcohol And Its Effect On Human Body

  • The Influence Of Alcohol Abuse On Health Behavior Of Youth And Older Adult

  • Antimicrobial Properties Of Chlorine And Alcohol Disinfectants

  • The Impact Of Portrayals Of The Image Of Women On The Television Adverts Of Alcohol & Tobacco (A Case Study Of Guinness Stout & Benson & Hedges Cigarette)

  • An Examination Of The Factors Influencing Alcohol Abuse Among Undergraduates In Nigeria (Case Study Of The University Of Benin)

  • Alcohol As Substitute For Therapy Among Nigerian Youths

  • Influence Of Ultimate Search On The Consumption Of Alcoholic Drinks Among Undergraduate Students

  • Assessing The Financial Impact Of Alcoholism On Families

  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse And It’s Effect Among Secondary School Students

  • Corporate Reputation And Marketing Performance Of The Alcoholic Beverage Industry In Port Harcourt

  • The Role Of Rape Supportive Attitudes Alcohol And Sexual Arousal In Sexual Misperception An Experimental Study

  • Effect Of Alcohol Consumption On Some Hepatic Functions Of Albino Rats

  • The Extent Of Intake Of Alcohol On Students’ Academic Achievement In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

  • The Incidence Of Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers In Rumuogba Community

  • The Influence Of Excessive Intake Of Alcohol Among University Students

  • The Influence Of Alcohol On Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

  • Impact Of Peer Influence Towards Alcohol Consumption Among Youth

  • Effects Of Alcohol On Some Biochemical Parameters Of Alcoholics

  • A Critical Investigation On The Social Consequences Of Alcohol Abuse Among Nigerian Youths (A Case Study Of Ikwerre, Rivers State)

  • Alcohol Consumption

  • Celebrity Endorsement And Consumer Choice Of Alcoholic Beverages In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Hero And Life Lager Beer)

  • An Examination Of The Impact Of Alcoholism On The Educational Achievement Of Secondary School Students In Delta State, The Case Of Ethiope East Local Government

  • Character Traits (Tough Mindness And Aggression) And Stress As Predictors Of Alcohol Use Among Police Officers In Ibadan Metropolis

  • Determination Of The Level Of Ethanol In Alcoholic Beverages Produced In Nigeria As An Indication For Safety Standard

  • Formulation And Production Of Alcohol From Palm Wine

  • An Assessment Of The Prevalence And Effects Of Alcoholism Among Secondary School Students (Case Study Of Okpanam High School, Delta State)