Project Topics on Analytical Chemistry

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Analytical Chemistry

  • Chemical / Mineral Compositions Of Water Extracts Of Hibiscus Sadariffa

  • Trace Elements Content Of Neem Leaves (Azadirachta Indica)

  • Distribution Of Thiaminase In Different Tissues Of Some Fish Species From Osu Reservoir

  • Proximate Analysis On Leaves Of Cassava Plant Obtained From A Road Side Farm

  • Analysis Of Heavy Metals In Five Different Baby Foods

  • Isolation, Characterization And Decolourization Of Synthetic Textiles Dyes By Thermophilic Halophilic Actinomycetes Species

  • Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of The Carestart Malaria HRP2 And pLDH/HRP2 Combo Compared To Microscopy In The Diagnosis Of Malaria

  • Larvicidal Potential Of Extracts Of Persea Americana Seed And Chromolaena Odorata Leaf Against Aedes Vittatus Mosquito

  • Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Analysis Of Mysteotoe Leaves

  • Phytochemical And Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Methanol Extract Of Creteva Adansonii Stem Bark

  • Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Screening Of The Stem Bark Extract(s) Of Indigofera Arrectahochst Ex A. Rich (Fabaceae)

  • Determination Of The Ferritin And Glucose Levels In Serum Of Mice Treated With Ethanolic Leaf Extract Of Phyllantusamarus

  • Phytochemical Screening And Antimicrobial Screening Of Anchomanes Difformis Leaves Extract

  • Preliminary Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Screening Of Flower Of Mangifera Indica (Opioro Mango)

  • Preliminary Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Screening Of Flower And Stalk Of Mangifera Indica (Opioro Mango)

  • Packed Bed Reactor System Study On The Biosorption Of Cr(VI) From Aqueous Solution Using Corn Cob Powder

  • Extraction And Study Of Effect Of Heat On Caffeine Extracted From Kola Nut

  • Analysis Of 3-Mercaptopyruvate Sulfurtransferase (3-MST)

  • Phytochemical And Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Methanol Extract Of Crateva Adansonii Stem Bark

  • Phytochemical Analysis And The Anti-Inflammatory Activities Of Dichloromethane Fraction Of Methanol Extract Of Crateva Adansonii

  • Analysis And Determination Of The Qualitative And Quantitative Phytochemicals Present In Newbouldia Laevis Leaves

  • Evaluation Of Nutritional Status And Dietary Management Of In-Patient Diabetics In University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital

  • Determination Of Alkali Content In Some Agricultural Waste Product Such As Cocoa Pod Husk, Plantain Peel And Palm Fruit Bunch

  • Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Studies Of The Methanol Extract Of The Root Of Napoleonaea Heudelotti (A.Juss)

  • Nutritional Potential Of Synsepalum Dulcificum Pulp And The Effect of The Methanolic Extract On Some Biochemical Parameters In Albino Rats

  • Determination Of PH Value Of Pure Water Sachet And Bore Hole Water

  • Chemical / Mineral Compositions Of Water Extracts Of Hibiscus Sabdariffa

  • Production Of Starch From Cassava (Maihot Esculanta) And Its Cross Linked Derivatives

  • Kinetic Studies Of The Adsorption Of Heavy Metal (Chromium) From Industrial Waste Water Using Palm Kernel Shells

  • Proximate And Phytochemical Analysis Of Soursop

  • Total Antioxidant Capacity Of Ethanolic Extract Of Hippocretea Welwitschii Oliv

  • Phytochemical Screening Of Eremomastax Speciosa (HOCHST)

  • Elemental Analysis On Edible Leaves Pterocarpus Mildbreadii (Oha) Seed

  • Antimicrobial Analysis And Phytochemical Of Mangifera Indica And Carica Papaya Leaves

  • Biochemical Evaluation Of Avocado Pear Leaf (Persea Americana)