Project Topics on borne

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on borne

  • A Study Of Maritime Frauds And Its Effects On World Seaborne Trade

  • Comparative Analysis Of Sources Of Water And Water Borne Diseases

  • Water-Borne Diseases: Causes, Prevention And Control

  • Assessment Of The Importance Of Hygienists Practices In The Prevention And Control Of Water Borne Infection

  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis Of The Prevalence Of Waterborne Diseases

  • Knowledge And Practice On The Management Of Waterborne Diseases Among Residents Of Kofai Ward In Taraba State

  • Comparative Analysis Of Pipe Borne Water And Other Sources Of Water Within Enugu Metropolis

  • Prevalence Of Water Borne Diseases And It’s Implications On The Health Status Of Inhabitants Of Adogi Community

  • Comparative Analysis Of Pipeborne Water And Other Sources Of Water For Human Consumption (Independence Layout Locality)