Project Topics on Buhari Administrations

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Buhari Administrations

  • Nigerian Foreign Policy And Its Economic Development Under Muhammadu Buhari Administration (2015-2020)

  • The Ethnicization Of Corruption And Its Impact On Nigeria’s Foreign Image Under The Regime Of President Muhammadu Buhari (2015-2019)

  • Change In Political Administration And Its Impact On The Economy: An Appraisal Of The Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration

  • Globalization And The Challenges In Poverty Eradication In Nigeria: An Assessment Of Buhari’s Administration

  • The UNDP And Economic Diversification Programmes In Nigeria: A Critical Analysis On Buhari’s Administration

  • Ethnic Nationalism In Nigeria And Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria (A Study Of Goodluck Jonathan And Buhari Administration)

  • Democracy And National Development: A Case Study Of Buhari Administration (2015-2019)

  • The Fight Against Corruption In APC / Buhari Government And Its Effect On Nigerians

  • Investigation Into The Enactment Of Power And Ideological Backbone In The Inaugural Speeches Of President Mohammadu Buhari And Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

  • Nigerian Newspapers Framing Of The Biafra Agitation Under President Muhammadu Buhari Administration

  • Impact Of Corruption On The Socio-Economic Development Of Nigeria: A Study Of The Administration Of President Muhammadu Buhari (2015-2019)

  • Language Of Persuasion: An Analysis Of The Inaugural Speeches Of Presidents Jonathan And Buhari

  • The Irony Of Nigeria’s Fight Against Corruption: An Appraisal Of President Muhammadu Buhari’s First Eight Months In Office

  • Pragmatic Analysis Of Olisa Meth’sdysphemisms Against President Mohammadu Buhari’s Administration

  • Security And National Development In Nigeria Under Buhari’s Administration

  • A Comparative Analysis Of The Leadership Styles Of African Leaders: A Case Study Of The Jonathan And Buhari Administrations

  • Pragmatic Analysis Of Selected Political Speeches Of President Muhammadu Buhari

  • Sport Diplomacy And Nigerian Foreign Policy: A Corporate Study Of President Jonathan’s And Buhari’s Administration 2011-2018

  • An Assessment Of Anti-Corruption Crusade Under Goodluck Jonathan And Muhammadu Buhari Administration In Nigeria

  • The National Social Investment Programmes During Buhari’s Administration (2015-2023) A Case Study Of The N-Power Program