Project Topics on Cartoon

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Cartoon

  • Effect Of Violent Cartoons On Social Interaction Of Teenagers

  • Importance Of Political Cartoons On Newspaper’s Readers

  • Influence Of Animated Cartoons On The Behavioral Development Of Children In Ikeja City

  • Correlational Study Between Violent Cartoons And Anti-Social Behaviour Of Children

  • Audience Perception Of The Punch Newspaper Cartoons

  • The Influence Of Cartoon On Opinion Formation Of Readers (A Case Study Of Newspaper Readers In Okigwe)

  • Parental Knowledge Of Violence In Children’s Television Cartoon Programmes (A Study Of Parents In Minna Metropolis)

  • Place Of Cartoons In Newspaper Publication In Nigeria

  • The Communication Effectiveness Of Cartoon In Vanguard Newspaper (A Survey Of Uyo Local Government Area Residents)

  • Effectiveness Of Newspaper Cartoons In The Promotion Of Politics In Nigeria

  • Effect Of Animated Cartoon On Primary School Pupils In Nigeria

  • An Assessment Of Photographs And Cartoons As Communication Instruments

  • Effects Of Newspaper Cartoon As A Tool For Political Communication

  • The Importance Of Cartoon In Newspaper Journalism

  • A Pragmatic Analysis Of Selected Cartoons In Vanguard Newspaper

  • Cartoon A Factor Of Nigeria’s Social History

  • Content Analysis Of Cartoons In Nigerian Dailies

  • A Pragmatic Analysis Of Selected Cartoons From Nigerian Dailies The ‘Guardian, The Punch, And The Nation’

  • The Effects Of Cartoon Adverts On Children (A Case Study Of Tom And Jerry)

  • A Critical Analysis On The Usage And Perception Of Cartoon Strips As An Instructional Medium In Secondary Schools In Abia State

  • Influence Of Graphical Cartoons In Newspaper Publication

  • Influence Of Cartoon On News Paper Readership Among Student; A Study Of University Of Lagos Akoka

  • Influence Of Cartoon In Communication Effectiveness

  • The Print Media, Cartoons And Social Commentary In Nigeria

  • The Effect Of Cartoons In News Reporting (A Case Study Of Newspaper Readers In Okigwe Local Government Headquarters)

  • A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Editorial Cartoons, Selected From The Guardian Newspaper

  • The Effect Of T.V Cartoon Network On The Aggressive Behaviour Of School Going Children

  • An Assessment Of Readers Perception Of The Importance And Role Of Cartoons In Nigeria Newspaper

  • Influence Of Animated Cartoons On The Behavioral Development