Project Topics on Clinical Psychology

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Clinical Psychology

  • Character Traits (Tough Mindness And Aggression) And Stress As Predictors Of Alcohol Use Among Police Officers In Ibadan Metropolis

  • Influence Of Cyberbullying On The Emotional Wellbeing Of Adolescents

  • The Impact Of Marital Satisfaction On The Psychological Well-Being Of Employees In Rivers State University

  • Influence Of Personal Functioning And Behaviour Type On Burnout Among Public Health Workers

  • Locus Of Control, Coping Styles And Psychological Distress (A Study Of Deportees In Lagos Metropolis)

  • Psychological Correlates Of Hazardous Drug Use Among Undergraduate (A Study Of University Of Uyo Undergraduates)

  • Influence Of Work-Life Balance On The Psychological Distress Among Nurses In Osun State

  • Domestic Violence And Locus Of Control As Predictors Of Self Concept Among Early Adolescence

  • Influence Of Domestic Violence And Broken Homes On Adolescents’ Academic Performance

  • Psychological Effect Of Conflict/Violence On Women And Children

  • Social Support, Self-Esteem And Religiosity As Predictors Of Depression Control Among Youths In Nigeria

  • Influence Of Parental Stress On The Academic Achievement Of Special Needs Children

  • The Perceived Effects Of Sexual Harassment And Social Intelligence On The Social Interaction Of Serially Frustrated Undergraduates In Lagos State (A Case Study Of University Of Lagos, Lagos State University And Caleb University)

  • The Relationship Between Stigmatization And Psychological Well Being Of Relatives Of Mentally Ill Persons

  • Investigation Of The Psychological Effect Of Rape On Adolescent

  • The Effect Of Parental Divorce On Young Adults Attitudes Towards Divorce

  • Effect Of Gender And Families Socio-economic Status

  • Investigation Of The Mental And Health Effect Of Rape On A Girl Child

  • The Effect Of Violent Behavior On Adolescent

  • Relationship Between Self- Discipline And Self- Esteem (A Case Study Of Selected Cadets Of Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna)

  • Parental Marital Status And Its Effects On Undergraduates Social Behaviour

  • Emotional Intelligence As Predictors Of Police Officers Psychological Well Being

  • The Psychosocial Effect Of Institutionalization Of Orphans And Vulnerable Children In Oyo State

  • An Investigation On Social Media Usage And Its Effect On Users’ Mental Health In Nigeria

  • The Impact Of Socio-Economic Status On Mental Health