Project Topics on Concrete

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Concrete

  • A Concrete Work Of Pieta

  • Prediction Of Compressive Strength Of Metakaolin-Saw Dust Geopolymer Concrete For Sustainable Construction Applications

  • Reliability Analysis Of A Prestressed Concrete Beam

  • The Effect Of Water Cement Ratio On Compressive Strength Of Palm Kernel Shell Concrete (PKSC) At 1:2:4 Nominal Mix

  • Construction Of Reinforced Concrete Seat

  • The Effect Of Admixtures On Properties Of Concrete: Case Studies Of Sugar, Cow Bone Ash, Groundnut Shell Ash, And Lime Stone Powder

  • Investigation On The Economic And Life Cycle Cost Benefits Of Concrete Over Asphalt Pavement

  • Comparison Of The Strength Of Concrete Produced With Coarse Aggregate In Different Location

  • Determination Of The Effect Of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Waste On The Compressive Strength Of Permeable Concrete

  • Comparative Study Of Compressive Strengths Of Palm Kernel Shell Concrete Using Different Curing Methods

  • Feasibility Report On Concrete Block Production

  • Stochastic Evaluation Of Offshore Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete Platforms On Aluminum Girders

  • Reliability Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Subject To Fatigue

  • Biological Fauna Flora Of A Concrete Pond Freshly Filled With Water In IMT Botanical Garden

  • Comparative Study Of Strength Of Bamboo Cane Fibre Concrete Beam And Reinforced Concrete Beam

  • Use Of Coconut Shell As A Fine Aggregates For Concrete Production

  • Structural Detailing In Reinforced Concrete Of A Three Bedroom Detach Duplex

  • Effect Of Mix Ratio And Curing Water On The Compressive Strength Of Oil Palm Shell (OPS) Aggregate Concrete

  • Importance Of Reinforcement Concrete In Modern Building

  • Effect Of Crushed Concrete As Coarse Aggregates In Production Of Concrete

  • The Experimental Study Of Self Compacting Concrete Using Plantain Leaf Ash

  • Evaluation Of The Engineering Properties Of Stone Base Concrete

  • Restoration And Conservation In Concrete Sculpture

  • Comparative Analysis Of Mineral Concentration Of Surface Water And Underground Water In IMT Biological Garden And Possible Application And Use In Creating Concrete Pond Habitat

  • The Effect Of The Environment On Bond Resistance Between Concrete And Steel Reinforcement

  • The Effects Of Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash As Supplementary Cementitious Material In Production Of Concrete

  • Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) Blended – Granite – Gravel Concrete

  • Structural Detailing Of A Reinforced Concrete Structure – Duplex Building

  • The Effect Of Untreated Sugar Cane Ash On The Setting Time And Compressive Strength Of Concrete Mix

  • The Use Of Orion Software For The Design Of Reinforced Concrete Design

  • Comparative Analysis Of The Strength Of Concrete Made From Various Aggregate

  • A Mathematical Model For Prediction Of The Strength Of Sancrete Cement Block (Application Of Henry Scheffe’s And Osadebe’s Concrete Optimisation Theory)

  • Analysis Of Business Objective And Their Accomplishment Through Effective Cost Control (A Case Study Of Lake Concrete Industries Limited, Enugu State)

  • Construction Of Fish Pond; Growth Analysis Of Clarias Specie In A Fresh Concrete Pond

  • The Effect Of Reinforced Concrete On Safety Of Residential Buildings

  • Strength Development In Concrete Using Different Type Of Cement

  • Bamboo Leaf Ash As A Partial Replacement Of Cement In Concrete

  • The Use Of Oil Palm Fiber As An Additive In Concrete

  • Effects Of Aggregate Sizes On The Concrete Strength

  • Construction Of A Fish Ponds And Longitudinal Study Of Bacteriological Analysis Of A Concrete Pond During Dry Season

  • Making High Concrete Strength From Granulated Calcined Clay

  • Effects Of Salt Water On Concrete (A Case Study Of River Nun In Nember In Bayelsa State)