Project Topics on Consumer Products

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Consumer Products

  • The Prospects And Problems Of Personal Selling In Marketing Consumer Products In Nigeria

  • Effective Marketing Strategies For Improved Performance Of Non-Durable Consumer Product (A Case Study Of Always Sanitary Towel A Product Of Procter And Gamble In Enugu Metropolis)

  • Effect Of Distribution Channel On Sales Of Consumer Products (A Case Study Of Unilever Plc)

  • Branding And Packaging As Tools For Product Differentiation In The Marketing Of Consumer Product In Nigeria

  • The Impact Of Television Advertising On Consumer Product Purchasing In Nigeria

  • The Effectiveness Of Marketing Concept On Buyer’s Behaviour Of Consumer Product

  • The Impact Of Packaging On Consumer Product

  • Sales Promotion As An Effective Marketing Strategy For Selling Consumer Product (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bags Manufacturing Company, Ikeja Lagos)

  • Impact Of Capital Budgeting For Promotional Strategies On Turnover And Profit Maximisation On Consumer Product

  • An Evaluation Of Product Positioning Strategies In The Consumer Products Industry In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

  • The Impact Of Product Of Branding On The Sales Of Consumer Product

  • Advertising, Its Role And Importance In The Marketing Of Consumer Product (A Case Study Of Global Soap & Detergent Industry Limited Ilorin)

  • The Effects Of Packaging On Sales Of Consumer Product

  • Analysis Of Consumer Product Acceptances On Brand Loyalty

  • Efficacy Of Sales Promotion In The Marketing Of Consumer Product

  • Impact Of Television And Newspaper Advert In The Marketing Of Consumer Product

  • The Effects Of Branding On Consumer Product Marketing

  • The Influence Of Packaging On Consumer Buying Decisions For Consumer Products In Imo State (A Case Study Of Joy Confectioneries Owerri)