Project Topics on Contracts

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Contracts

  • Social Contract In Jean Jacques Rousseau – Implications For Nigerian Democracy

  • Contract Employment And Service Delivery In The Public Sector

  • A Comparative Study Of Thomas Hobbes’s Social Contract With John Locke’s Social Contract In Their Political Philosophy

  • The Effect Of Short Term Employment Contracts On Staff Motivation In Nigeria

  • Rights And Obligation Of Parties Under The Contract Of Carriage Of Goods By Sea

  • Ensuring Positive Consumers Attitude Towards Insurance Contract In Nigeria (A Study Of IGI Enugu)

  • The Impact Of Effective Contract Planning On Contractors Profit (A Case Study Of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Uyo)

  • Employer’s Liability To Hid Employee Under The Nigerian Contract Of Employment

  • The Role Of Purchasing In Contract Management And Administration (A Case Study Of Bekado Construction And Engineering Company Ltd, Ikot Ekpene Akwa-Ibom Sate)

  • Impact Of Corrupt Practices In Awarding Construction Contract In Abuja

  • The Role Of Legal Assessment On Tender Of Contracts In Nigeria

  • Design And Implementation Of A Contract Management System

  • Incentives And Disincentive Guideline For Contracts In Nigeria

  • Wrongful Termination Of Contracts Of Employment In Nigeria; A Case For Reinstatement Of Private Employees

  • Database Management Information System On Contract Allocation

  • A Critical Appraisal Of Hobbes’ Idea Of Social Contract

  • Effect Of Due Process In Direct Labor And Contract Administration In Nigeria Construction Industry

  • Employer’s Liability To His Employee Under The Nigerian Contract Of Employment

  • The Role Of Negotiation Skills In Purchasing And Contract Management

  • Impact Of Psychological Contract On Employees Performance In Selected Entrepreneurial Firms In Oyo State, Nigeria