Crop Science Project Topics

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Crop Science Project Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Radioactivity Concentration Of Some Staple Food Consumed In Uvwie And Warri South Local Government And Effect On Human After Consumption

  • Phytochemical Analysis Of Methanolic Extract Of Cotton Plant

  • A Review Of Erodibility Susceptibility Of Soil In Nigeria

  • The Effect Of Pesticides Dichlorodiphenyl Trichloroeyhane (D.D.Y) And Benzene Hexachroride (BHC) On The Microflora Of The Three Types Of Soil

  • Economics Of Oil Palm Seedling Production

  • Soil Hydro-Physical Properties And Precipitation Concentration Index In Enhancing Runoff Under Vetiver Grass Strips

  • Effect Of Plant Spacing And Number Of Seeds Per Pod On The Performance Of Groundnut In F.C.T Abuja.

  • Effect Of NPK Fertilizer On The Growth And Yield Of Cucumber

  • Methanolic Extract Of Aqueous Of Enantia Chlorantha

  • Effects Of Fertilization On Crop Production And Nutrient-Supplying Capacity Under Rice-Oilseed Rape Rotation System

  • Influence Of Fertilization Type And Methods Of Application On Nutrient Uptake And Yield Of Maize

  • The Effect Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil On The Physical And Biochemical Properties Of Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

  • Effect Of Sugar On Bean Plant Growth

  • Variability And Correlation Studies In Basil, Scent Leaf (Ocimum Gratissimum)

  • Enhancing Food Supply Through Genetic Engineering

  • Effect Of Mycotoxins On Human Health And Preventive Methods

  • Analysis Of Poverty Determinant And Coping Strategies Among Rural Farming Households

  • Comparative Effectiveness Of Organic Manure And N.P.K Fertilizer On Soil Properties And Shoot Dry Matter Yield Of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta)

  • Effects Of Simulated Petroleum Oil Pollution On Soil Characteristic And Growth Parameters Of Jatropha In Obio Akpa Southeastern Nigeria

  • Porosity Of Soil With Water Analysis In Three Different Land Uses

  • Evaluation Of The Macro-Nutrient Status Of The Current Field Practical Training (305) Experimental Farmsite

  • Economics Of Vegetable Production

  • Spatial Variability Of Soil Properties As Influenced By Parent Materials

  • Effects Of Palm Oil Processing Waste On Soil

  • Effects Of Nitrogen Fertilizer And Plant Spacing On Two Pasture Grasses (Brachiaria Decumbens And Digitaria Decumbens)

  • The Effects Of Seed Size And Sowing Depth On The Germination Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp)

  • Isolation And Identification Of Fungal Pathogen In Two Varieties Of Irish Potatoes (White And Red) Stored In Mangu LGA, Plateau State

  • Comparative Phytochemical Analyses Of Methanolic And Aqueous Leaf Extracts Of Three Medicinal Plants Used In Plant Disease Control

  • Analysis Of Food Security Status Of Farm Household In Otukpo Local Government Area Of Benue State, Nigeria

  • Assessing The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Soil In Nigeria

  • Effect Of NPK Application On Different Varieties Of Rice

  • Analysis Of Food Security And Poverty Status Among Households

  • Economic Analysis Of Food Safety Among Pork Marketers

  • Effects Of Fertilizers On Soil Microbial Diversity, Growth And Yield Of Two Pasture Grasses

  • The Effect Of Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract On The Growth And Yield Of Pepper (Capsicum Annum)

  • Pineapple Wine Fermentation Production Using Brewer’s Yeast (Saccharomy cescerevisiae)

  • Effects Of Soil Degradation On Crop Production: An Assessment Of Total Nitrogen And Available Phospherus In The Rainforest Of Obiaruku, Delta State

  • The Effect Of Ultraviolet Light On Plant Development And Fruit Production

  • Antiplasmodial Activity Of Aqeous Leaf Extract Of Phyllantus Amarus And Solanum Nigrum Against Plasmodium Berghei Infected Mice

  • A Multivariate Analysis On The Response Of Crops To Fertilizer And Soil Types (A Case Study Of The Federal University Of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State)

  • Effect Of N:P:K And Poutry Manure On Population Of Rhizobia Bacteria, Growth And Yield Of Cowpea

  • Mycotoxins Available In Foodstuffs Vended In Awka

  • Distribution Of Micro Nutrients In Coastal Plain Sand Parent Material In Edo State

  • Proximate Analysis Of The Leaves Of Landolphia Oweriences (White Vine Rubber)

  • Distribution Of Micronutrients In Coastal Plain Sand Parent Material