Project Topics on Crop

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Crop

  • Effect Of Processing Methods On The Quality Of Ugba (Pentaclethra Macrophylla Benth)

  • The Study Of The Impact Of The Origin In The Development Of Crop In Nigeria

  • The Role Of Cash Crop Trading Women On Economic Growth In Takum, Taraba State

  • Utilization Of Information Among Arable Crop Farmers

  • Economic Analysis Of Storage Structure Of Selected Cereal Crops By Small Holder Farmer In Makurdi Local Government Area Of Benue State, Nigeria

  • Women Labour Utilization In Crop Production

  • Utilization Of Information Among Arable Crop Farmers In Edo And Delta State, Nigeria

  • Technical Efficiency In Food Crop Production In Uhunmwode Local Government Area Of Edo State, Nigeria

  • The Impact Of Cash Cropping, Farm Technologies, And Deforestation In Nigeria

  • Effects Of Fertilization On Crop Production And Nutrient-Supplying Capacity Under Rice-Oilseed Rape Rotation System

  • Improving Crop Production In The Arid Mediterranean Climate

  • Causes Of Child Labour In Crop Production

  • Effect Of Crop Residue On Soil Chemical Properties And Rice Yields On An Ultisol

  • Vulnerability And Adaptation Of Crops Farmers To Climate Change In Agricultural Zone

  • Potentials Of Growing Energy Crops For Biotechnology Among Cassava And Jatropha Farmers

  • Economic Analysis Of Soil Conservation Practices Among Crop Farmers

  • Potentials Of Growing Energy Crops For Biotechnology Among Cassava And Jatropha Farmers In Delta State

  • Influence Of Agricultural Mechanization On Crop Production

  • Resource Use Efficiency Among Fadama Crop Farmers In Ibadan / Ibarapa Agricultural Zone Of Oyo State, Nigeria

  • The Effects Of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies On Food Crop Production Efficiency In Southwestern Nigeria

  • Effects Of Different Plantation Crops Rhizosphere Ecosystems On The Growth And Development Of Lycopersicon Esculentum (Tomato)

  • A Statistical Analysis On The Effect Of NPK Fertilizer On Crop Growth (A Case Study Of Michael Opara University Of Agriculture, Umuahia, Abia State)

  • Adaptation Strategies To Climate Variability Among Arable Crop Farmers

  • Production Of Clean Grain From Multi Crop Thresher For Small Scale Farmers

  • Analysis Of Effect Of Flood On Livelihoods And Adaptation Measures Of Smallholder Crop Farmers

  • Information Behaviour And Quality Of Life Of Crop Farmers In Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

  • The Effects Of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies On Food Crop Production Efficiency

  • A Multivariate Analysis On The Response Of Crops To Fertilizer And Soil Types (A Case Study Of The Federal University Of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State)

  • Effect Of Introducing Garden Egg To Fluted Pumpkin In A Relay Intercrop On Sole And Combined Growth Of The Crop Mixtures

  • Use Of Domestic Waste Water For Irrigation Of Vegetable Crops; The Health Implications

  • Assessment Of Rural Youth Participation In Arable Crop Production In Rivers State

  • Farm Management Constraints And Medium-Scale Crop Production

  • Monitoring Of Crop Physiology Using Remote Sensing Methods

  • Biodiversity In Organic Cropping Systems

  • Detrimental Effect Of Petroleum Oil From Mechanic Workshops On Crops

  • Assessment Of Climate Change Mitigation Practices Among Arable Crop Farmers

  • Effect Of Precipitation Effectiveness Indices On The Yield Of Some Selected Cereal Crops

  • Improvised Hand Push Weeder For Teaching Crop Production To Agricultural Students of ATBU Bauchi

  • Effects Of Activities Of Land Speculators On Women Farmers Crop Output And Income (A Case Study Of Kuje Area Council Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria)

  • The Production Of Sugarcane, Irish Potato And Other Traditional Tuber Crops (Nvuh, Tingtyoen, Bwarkham, Ngwan, Laa,Wur-Laawur And Ngaar In Mwaghavul Land, (1850-1970): Challenges And Prospects

  • Benefits Of Crop Livestock Integration In Shuwarin Ward Kiyawa Local Government Area Of Jigawa State