Project Topics on Crude Oil

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Crude Oil

  • Effect Of Crude Oil Pollution On Dissolved Oxygen And pH In Aquatic Ecosystem

  • The Impact Of Crude Oil Production On Economic Growth In Nigeria

  • Development Of Waste Based Biostimulant For The Remediation Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil

  • Comparative Toxicity Of Crude Oil And Kerosene On The Growth Of Nitrifying Bacteria Isolated From Soil

  • Environmental Integrity In Nigeria And Challenge Of Crude Oil Theft

  • Statistical Study Of Crude Oil Production By OPEC Member Countries (2001-2010)

  • The Effect Of Crude Oil Contaminated Soil On The Physical And Biochemical Properties Of Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

  • The Effect Of Coriolis Force In The Vibration Of Pipeline Containing Flowing Liquid (Crude Oil)

  • Determination Of Degrading Ability Of Fungi Isolated From Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil On Crude Oil Using Gas Chromatography

  • Statistical Analysis Of Crude Oil Production In Nigeria (2001-2010)

  • Farmer’s Perception Of The Effect Of Crude Oil Spillage On Agricultural Farm Land

  • Depth Justified Microbiak Distribution From A Crude Oil Polluted Soil

  • Comparative Assessment Of The Socio-Economic Effect Of Crude Oil Exploitation

  • Production Of Crude Oil- Drilling Process

  • Crude Oil Price And Economic Growth In Nigerian (1986-2015)

  • The Effect Of NPK And Urea On The Bioremediation Of Crude Oil Contaminated Water

  • Assessment Of Crude Oil Pollution And Its Effect On Particle Sizes On Bioremediation