Project Topics on Customer Behaviour

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Customer Behaviour

  • Customer Behaviour Intention Towards The Use Of Mobile Money

  • Effect Of Packaging On Consumer Behaviour (A Case Study Of Nigerian Breweries Plc.)

  • Competitive Orientation And Customer Behavioral Outcome In The Telecommunications Industry

  • Effect Of Pricing Decision On Consumer Behavior In An Organization (A Study Of Nao Supermarket Ado Ekiti)

  • Feel Good Advertising And Its Effect On Consumer Repeat Purchase Behaviour (A Study Of De-United Industries Ltd Makers Of Indomie Noodles)

  • The Impact Of Mobile Money On Customer Behaviour

  • The Relevance Of Consumer Behaviour To A Marketing Organization

  • The Effect Of Culture On Consumers Buying Behaviour

  • The Impact Of Peak Milk Television Advertisement On Consumer’s Buying Behaviour

  • Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour In Manufacturing Industry

  • The Impact Of Branding On Consumer’s Behaviour

  • Influence Of Advertising On Consumers’ Purchasing Behaviour Of Toothpaste Brands

  • The Influence Of Brand Image On Consumer Behaviour

  • The Effect Of Consumer Behavior On Insurance Business In Nigeria

  • Effect Of Television Advertising On Consumer Purchasing Behaviour

  • The Impact Of Cultural Influences On Consumer Buying Behaviour

  • Service Quality And Customer Behavioral Intention Among Hotels

  • Effect Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Jumia Nigeria

  • Effect Of Advertising Media On Consumer Buying Behavior In A Service Industry (Case Study Of Fresh FM Radio Station Ado Ekiti)

  • The Effect Of Online Advertising On Consumer Buying Behavior

  • An Assessment Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour (A Study Of Indomie Noodles Industry)

  • Customers Behaviour And How It Affects The Growth Of A Business

  • Effect Of Customer Behaviour On Operational Performance Using Jabi Lake Mall Abuja As A Case Study

  • Factors Influencing Consumer’s Buying Behavior Using Unilever, Ghana As A Case Study

  • The Impact Of Promotional Activities On Customer Purchasing Behaviour

  • Impact Of Multiple Pricing Strategies On Consumer Purchasing Behavior

  • Advertising Jingles And Sloganeering Campaign On Consumer Buying Behaviour

  • Sociological Factors Affecting Customers Behaviour In The Marketing Of Some Selected Consumer’s Goods

  • Assessment Of Effective Marketing Strategy And Consumer Purchasing Behaviour In E-Marketing

  • Impact Of Customer Relationship Management On Non-Consumer Customer Buying Behavior

  • Influence Of Mobile Marketing On Consumer Purchase Behaviour In Organized Institutions

  • Effect Of Consumer Buying Behaviour On The Purchase Of Insurance Products

  • The Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Consumable Products (A Study Of Dangote Group Products)