Project Topics on Cyber Crimes

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Cyber Crimes

  • An Examination Of The Factors Responsible For Students Involvement In Cyber Crimes

  • Evaluation Of The Relationship Between E-Banking And Cyber Crime In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Fidelity Bank Plc)

  • Attitude And Perception Of Residents About Cyber Crime In Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

  • The Effects And Implications Of Cyber Crime On Foreign Investors In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Lagos State)

  • Public Perception On The Implications Of Cyber Crime On Socioeconomic Development Of Bayelsa State

  • Effect Of Cybercrime In Nigeria

  • A Critical Investigation Of The The Negative Impact Of Cybercrime On Nigeria Educational Sector

  • Perception Of Cybercrime Among Nigerian Youths

  • The Role Of Social Media In Curbing Cyber Crimes Among Students Of Institute Of Management And Technology

  • A Critical Investigation Of The Impact Of Cybercrime On The Academic Achievement Of Undergraduates Students (A Case Study Of UNIBEN)

  • Effect Of Cybercrime On Psychology Well Being Of Resident

  • Development In Information Technology And Secondary School Involvement In Cybercrime In Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State Nigeria

  • An Analysis Of The Prevalence And Consequences Of Cybercrime Among Secondary School Students

  • The Impact Of Cybercrime On Youth Involvement In Ritual Killing In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Delta State

  • Students Perception On The Negative Impact Of Cybercrime On Nigerian Society

  • A Critical Analysis Of Cybercrime And Its Influence On Nigeria Educational System (Case Study Of Some Selected Universities In Edo State)

  • An Investigation Of Social Media Usage And Its Impact On Students Exposure To Cybercrimes

  • The Implications Of Cybercrime On Economic Development Of Nigeria

  • The Analysis Of Cyber Crimes Awareness In The Educational Sector

  • Cybercrime In The Nigerian Banking Sector: Challenges And Prospect

  • Cyber Crime In Colleges

  • An Examination Of The Prevalence Of Cyber Crime And Its Influence Of On Polytechnic Students In Nigeria

  • Cybercrimes And Challenges Of Cyber-Security In Nigeria

  • Influence Of New Media On Public Opinion And Cyber Activism Among Youth Online

  • The Role Of University Management In The Fight Against Cybercrimes Among Students (A Case Study Of University Of Ilorin)

  • An Examination Of The Causes And Prevention Of Cyber Crimes In Suleja Niger State