Project Topics on Dividend Policy

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Dividend Policy

  • An Empirical Analysis Of The Effect Of Agency Cost On Dividend Policy Of Nigeria Companies

  • Corporate Governance And Its Relationship With Dividend Policies Of Banks In Nigerian Capital Market

  • Effects Of Dividends Policy On The Market Price Of Share (A Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

  • Relationship Between Earning, Dividend And The Value Of A Company

  • Dividend Policies (A Case Study Of Some Quoted Companies Listed In Nigeria Stock Exchanging)

  • The Evaluation Of Financial Performance, Measures As Determinants Of Dividend Policies In Nigeria Banking Industry

  • Determinants Of Dividend Policy And Profitability In Quoted Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria

  • The Impact Of Dividend Policy On Investment

  • Effect Of Dividend Payment On Corporate Performance Nigerian Banks

  • The Effect Of Dividend Policy On The Growth Of Micro Finance Institution

  • Assessment Of Dividend Of Politics In Nigeria

  • A Critical Assessment Of Ownership Structure And Its Impact On Dividend Policy Of Listed Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria Using A Sample Of Three Banks

  • The Impact Of Dividend Policy Decision On Corporate Performance Of Listed Firms In Nigeria

  • Dividend Policy As Strategic Tool Of Financing In Corporate Organizations (A Case Study Of First Bank Plc And Eco Bank Nigeria Plc)

  • Effect Of Dividend Policy On The Financial Performance Of Listed Oil And Gas Companies In Nigeria

  • Impact Of Dividend Policy On Financial Performance On Listed Consumer Goods Firms In Nigeria

  • Productivity Impact Of Dividend On Shareholders (A Case Study Of Dangote Group)

  • Effect Of Dividend Policy On Firms’ Earning In Nigeria (A Case Study Of United Bank For Africa)

  • Evaluation Of Corporative Performance Variables That Determine Dividend Payout Polices Of Nigeria Breweries Plc

  • Corruption As A Major Challenge In Nigeria: A Perspective Of Democratic Government Between 1999-2015 And An Assessment Of Dividends Of Politics In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Lagos State Government.

  • Dividend Announcement Security Performance And Capital Market Efficiency, The Nigeria Perspective

  • The Effects Of Dividends On The Price Of Ordinary Shares In Some Quoted Companies

  • The Impact Of Taxes On The Dividend Policies Of Banks In Nigeria