Project Topics on Doctrine

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Doctrine

  • An Appraisal Of The Doctrine And Practice Of Self-Defence In International Law

  • A Critique On The Doctrine Of Pre-Action Notice In Nigeria

  • Impact Of The Judicial Interpretation Of Repugnancy Doctrine On The Customary Laws And Customary Practices In Nigeria

  • Repugnancy Doctrine; An Attempt To Destroy Or Preserve Customary Law

  • The Bush Doctrine And The Us Missile Defence Shield In Eastern Europe; Implications For Iran Ans US Military Resources

  • The Doctrine Of Separation Of Power In A Presidential System Of Government (A Critique Of The Fourth Republic)

  • An Evaluation Of The Hate Speech Bill And Its Breach On Democratic Doctrines In Nigeria (A Review Of Public Perception)

  • The Doctrine Of Freedom And Responsibility In Jean Paul Sartre – The Fundamental Principles In An Authentic Existence

  • An Appraisal Of The Doctrine Of Domicile Under The Private International Law

  • An Assessment Of The Marxist Doctrine Of Alienation And It’s Relevance To The Nigerian Society

  • The Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers As It’s Applies In The Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria 1999

  • The Application Of The Doctrine Of Res Ipsa Loquitur In Nigeria