Project Topics on E-Commerce

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on E-Commerce

  • Design And Implementation Of E-Commerce Website

  • The Impact Of E-Commerce On Emerging Markets

  • Design And Implementation Of E-Commerce Web Portal (Electronic Marketplace)

  • Impact Of E-Commerce On The Economic Growth Of Nigeria

  • A Critical Investigation Of The Factors Influencing The Adoption Of E-Commerce In Nigeria

  • Role Of E- Commerce In Improving Customers Satisfaction (A Case Study Of Jumia)

  • Third Party E-Commerce Platforms: Benefits And Barriers For Retail Businesses In Nigeria

  • An Analysis Of The Social And Economic Impact Of E-Commerce

  • The Effect Of Mobile Phone On The Growth Of E-Commerce In Nigeria

  • The Study Of Factors Influencing The Adoption Of E-Commerce Platforms For Agro-Based Products In Makurdi, Benue State

  • The Impact Of E-Commerce On Emerging Markets (A Case Study Of Konga)

  • Barriers To Internet And E-Commerce Use By Wood Products Export Firms In Ghana (Case Firms: Coppon Wood Processing Limited And Yenok Wood Products Limited)

  • Influence Of E-Commerce On The Performance Of SMEs

  • An Examination Of Potential Benefits And Constraints Associated With Small Business Use Of E-Commerce

  • Evaluation Of The Role Of E-Commerce In Reducing Operational Cost In An Organization

  • The Impact Of Social Media On E-Commerce And Social Commerce Adoption In Nigerian Students

  • Effect Of Information Systems On The Performance Of E-Commerce

  • A Study On The Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption In Nigerian Banks

  • Effect Of E-Commerce On Performance Of Retail Business Organizations In Obi Akpo, Port-Harcourt

  • Impact Of E-Commerce On Business Performance In A Business To Business Environment

  • E-Commerce And Retail Business In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects

  • The Role Of E-Commerce In Improving Customer Satisfaction

  • The Impact Of Online Value Added Tax On E-Commerce In Nigeria

  • E-Commerce And Customer Satisfaction (A Study Of And

  • E-Commerce – A Case Study Of Heineken Beer (A Brand Of Nigeria Breweries Plc)

  • The Design And Implementation Of An E-Commerce Site For Online Book Sales