Project Topics on Electricity Distribution Company

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Electricity Distribution Company

  • Assessment Of The Factors Responsible For The Poor Academic Performance Of Student In Basic Electricity

  • Effect Of Training And Performance In The Energy / Power Sector ( A Case Study Of Ikeja Electric Co. And Eko Electricity Distribution Company)

  • Design And Implementation Of An Online Electricity Payment And Metering System With Payment Integration, Emailing And SMS (A Case Study Of Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company)

  • Relationship Between Electricity Consumption And The Economic Growth In Nigeria

  • Time Series Analysis On Consumption Of Electricity In Kwara State (A Case Study Offa NEPA District Office From 2001-2015)

  • Effect Of Electricity On The Employment Capacity Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • The Effect Of Electricity Apportioning On Production Industry

  • The Impact Of Electricity Generation And Supply On Economic Growth

  • An Assessment Of Communication Strategies On Employees Performance In Electricity Distribution Company

  • Effect Of Innovation On Customer Satisfaction In Electricity Distribution Company

  • Impact Of Metering On Customer Satisfaction In Electricity Company (A Case Study Of Eko Distribution Company)

  • Impact Of Epileptic Electricity Supply In Tertiary Institutions And Possible Solution

  • Factors Militating Against The Performance Of Students In Applied Electricity

  • Impact Of Electricity On Performance Of SMEs In Nigeria

  • Evaluation Of Nigerian Gas Production & Electricity Generation From Natural Gas Using Regression Analysis (1999-2014)

  • Role Of Public Relations In Building Corporate Image Of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company

  • A Comparative Analysis Of Newspaper Coverage Of Electricity In Nigeria

  • Communication As An Essential Tools For Effective Management In A Public Sector Organization: A Case Study Of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Baboko Ilorin Branch (IBEDC)

  • Electricity Tariff And The Ease Of Doing Business In Nigeria

  • Effect Of Training And Development On Employee’s Performance In The Energy Power Sector (A Case Study Of Ikeja Electric Co And Eko Electricity Distribution Company)

  • Motivational Imperatives In Service Industry (A Case Study Of Benin Electricity Distribution Company – BEDC)

  • Availability And Utilization Of Instructional Material For Teaching Basic Electricity In Government Science And Technical College In Igbo Etiti Local Government Area Of Enugu State

  • Design And Implementation Of A Software Package For Billing Systems Of Electricity Industry