Project Topics on Emotional Intelligence

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence And Job Satisfaction As Predictors Of Organizational Commitment Among Secondary School Teachers

  • The Impact Of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Learning On Childhood Education

  • The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Retention Customers (A Study Of Access Bank Plc)

  • Assessment Of The Socio-Environmental Determinant Of Emotional And Social Well Being Of Teenagers In Foster Homes

  • The Effect Of Emotional Intelligence On Employee Performance (A Case Study Of First Bank Plc, Keffi)

  • Emotional Intelligence And Improved Professionalism Of Teachers

  • Influence Of Emotional Appeal Advertisement Of Cosmetic Products On Purchase Intention

  • Influence Of Emotion On Job Performance Of Secretaries In An Organization

  • Emotional Intelligence As Predictors Of Police Officers Psychological Well Being

  • Effect Of Assertiveness And Emotional Self-Awareness On Students’ Achievement In Accounting In Ondo State

  • The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction in the Banking Industry (A Case Study of Chukun Local Government Area)

  • Influence Of Parental Discipline On Emotional Adjustment Of Secondary School Students

  • Emotional Intelligence And Adolescents’ Behaviour Problems

  • Perceived Psychosocial Effects Of Rape On The Emotional Stability Of Victims At Ogbomoso South Local Government, Oyo State

  • Emotional Intelligence And Students Academic Achievement In Chemistry In Calabar Municipality Cross River State Nigeria

  • Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Labour As Determinant Of Organizational Commitment Among Public Servants

  • The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Academic Performance Of Senior Secondary School Students

  • The Effect Of Child-Labour On Emotional, Health And Academic Achievement Of Primary School Pupils In Rural Areas In Nigeria

  • Influence Of Hostel Squatting On Academic Performance, Interpersonal Relationship And Emotional Adjustment Of Undergraduate Students

  • Impact Of Parenting Style On The Emotional Intelligence Of Adolescents

  • Emotional Intelligence: A Tool For Enhancing Secretaries Productivity In Government Owned Institutions In Ekiti State

  • Emotional Intelligence As Correlates To Academic Performance Of Agricultural Science: A Study Of Offa Local Government Area, Kwara State

  • Affective Lability And Cognitive Problems As Correlates Of Emotional Detachment Among Undergraduates

  • Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Academic Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Students In Biology

  • Impact Of Divorce On Emotional Development Of A Child

  • Influence Of Emotional Intelligence On Academic Performance Of Office Technology And Management Students

  • Parenting Styles And Self Concept On Emotional Adjustment Of Nigeria Secondary School Students In Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area Of Edo State

  • Effect Of Workforce Emotional Intelligence In An Organisation

  • Influence Of Emotional Intelligence And Assertiveness On Pro-Social Behaviours

  • Emotional Intelligence And Self-Efficacy As Determining Factors For Perceived Social Support Among Adolescents

  • The Effect Of Insecurity On The Emotional Behaviour Of Secondary Schools In The North Central States Of Nigeria

  • Influence Of Emotional Reactivity And Risk Perception On Health Related Quality Of Life Among Hypertensive Patients

  • Critical Analysis Of The Implication Of Teachers Emotional Intelligence On Effective Teaching-Learning Experience In Secondary Schools

  • A Study On The Emotional Maturity On School Adjustment Of Fresh Undergraduate Students

  • Role Of Emotional Intelligence And Work Life Balance In Job Stress

  • Effect Of Cognitive Restructuring Techniques On Emotional Adjustment Among Remand Home Inmates

  • Examination Of Single Parenthood On Emotional Stability And Academic Performance

  • Fiction, Emotion And Narration In Selected Novels Of Chinua Achebe

  • Emotional Intelligence And Implication For Career Development In Universities