Project Topics on Environmental Chemistry

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Environmental Chemistry

  • Biodegradation Of Macro-Polyethylene Plastic Into Micro Particles

  • Analysis Of Heavy Metals In Five Different Baby Foods

  • Effects Of Roofing Sheets On Harvested Water Run Off

  • Use Of Domestic Waste Water For Irrigation Of Vegetable Crops; The Health Implications

  • Kinetic Studies Of The Adsorption Of Heavy Metal (Chromium) From Industrial Waste Water Using Palm Kernel Shells

  • Assessment On Analysis Of Water Pollution By Phosphate

  • Bioremediation Of Oil-Contaminated Soil Using Emulsifier (Liquid Soap), NPK Fertilizer And Microbial (Bacillus SP) Treatment

  • Determination Of PH Value Of Pure Water Sachet And Bore Hole Water

  • Bacteriological Quality Of Pasteurized Liquid Milk Samples Sold At Different Shops (A Case Study Of Students Market Located At Imo State University Front Gate)

  • Evaluation Of The Level Of Vitamin C, Vitamin E And Malondialdehyde In Male Smokers And Non Smokers

  • Treatment Of Petroleum Refinery Wastewater In A Constructed Wetland Using Water Lettuce

  • Determination Of Alkalinity Of Sachet And Borehole Water

  • Assessment Of Eutrophication Level Of Municipal Surface Water