Project Topics on Extraction

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Extraction

  • Extraction, Characterization And Anti Microbial Screening Of White Star Apple (Crysophyllum Albidum) Seed Oil

  • Extraction Of Lignin From Cocoa Pod Husk (Theobroma Cacao)

  • Extraction Of Formulation Of Perfume From Plant

  • Extraction, Isolation, Characterization And Anti–Microbial Activities Of Bridelia Ferruginea Bark Extracts

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Pawpaw Seed Oil

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Orange Seed And Paw-Paw Seed Oil

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Fatty Acid From Palm Oil

  • Signal Extraction From The Bond Market And Inflation Forecasting In Nigeria

  • Extraction And Study Of Effect Of Heat On Caffeine Extracted From Kola Nut

  • Extraction Of Silica From Rice Husk Ash

  • Extraction And Characterization Of White Mucana Pruriens Var. Utilis Seed Oil

  • Extraction Of Oil From Coconut And Its Characterization

  • Extraction Of DNA In Tomatoes And Garden Eggs Fruits

  • Extraction And Analysis Of Alkaloid In Azadirachta Indica Leaf

  • Extraction Of Oil From Watermelon Seed

  • Extraction Of Oleoresin And Essential Oils In Herbs And Spices That Impart Flavours And Fragrances

  • Extraction Of Neem Seed Oil

  • Extraction And Stabilization Of Aloe Vera Gel From The Plant

  • Extraction And Formulation Of Perfume From Lemon Grass Leaves

  • The Effect Of Particle Size On The Extraction Of Oil From Groundnut

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Oil From Soybeans

  • Solid-Phase Extraction Of Nickel (II) Ion By Studying The Effects Of Sample Volume On Coated Silica Gel And Production Of Schiff’s Base (BHPDE)

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Oil From Cashew Nut

  • Extraction Of Alkaloids From Three Nigerians Plants, Kola Accumina (Oji Igbo), Kola Vera (Oji Hausa) And Gaxcina Kola (Bitter Kola)

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Oil From Date Seed

  • Extraction Of Chlorophyll From Different Legumes

  • Extraction And Analysis Of Oil From Monodora Myristica (Ehuru Seed)

  • Extraction Of alkaloids From Three Nigerian Plants, Kola Accuminata (Oji Igbo), Kola Vera (Oji Hausa), And Gaxcina Kola (Bitter Kola)

  • Extraction And Analysis Of Alkaloids In Carica Papaya Leaves

  • Extraction Of Wax From Cocoa Pod

  • The Extraction And Production Of Essential Oil From Cashew Nuts

  • Extraction Of Oil From Local Seed (Groundnut Seed) and Characterization

  • The Extraction Of Managanese (IV) Ion From  Aqueous Media Using 1-Phethyl-3-Methyl Pyrazolone-5

  • Extraction And Characterization Of Vegetable Oil Using Bread Fruit Seed

  • Extraction Of Oil From African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum Africanum) Seed Using Solvent Extraction

  • Dissolution Kinetic And Solvent Extraction Of Aluminium From Kaolin

  • Extraction And Determination Of The Physical Chemical Properties Of Cashew Nut Oil