Project Topics on Facebook

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Facebook

  • Impact Of Facebook And 2GO As An Effective Interpersonal Media Of Communication

  • Audience Perception Of Facebook As A Marketing Medium

  • Influence Of Academic Interaction On Facebook Among Undergraduate Students

  • Evaluating The Effect Of Social Media In Job Creation (Facebook In Focus)

  • Effectiveness Of Facebook In Awareness Campaign Against Coronavirus

  • Influence Of Facebook On Behavioural Pattern Of Nigeria Youths

  • Impact Of Facebook, Twitter And Youtube As An Emerging Media Of Political Communication In The 2015 Presidential Elections In Nigeria

  • Media Channel And Audience Retention: A Comparative Study Of Traditional Media (Radio, Television, Magazine, Newspaper etc) And New Media (Facebook, 2GO, Twitter, Yahoo Mail And Online News etc

  • Assessment Of Facebook Usage For Education Development Among Tertiary Institution Students (A Case Study Of Adeleke University Students, Ede, Oshogbo)

  • Influence Of Facebook, Twitter And YouTube As Political Communication Tools In Nigeria

  • Audience Perception And Believability Of Social Media Advert In Nigeria (A Study Of Facebook)

  • Evaluation Of The Use Of Facebook In Political Mobilization In The Gubernatorial Elections In Imo State

  • Impact Of Facebook And WhatsApp As Effective Interpersonal Platforms Of Communication

  • Impact Of Social Media Malaria Campaign On Facebook And Twitter Among Students

  • Influence Of Personality And Social Networking (E.G Facebook) On Physical Interaction

  • Impact Of Facebook As An Effective Interpersonal Communication