Project Topics on Family Law

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Family Law

  • Issues And Challenges In Alienation Of Family Land Holding In Nigeria

  • The Legal Effects Of Customary Law Marriage In Nigeria

  • Marital Rights And Obligations In Islamic Law; A Critical Analysis Of It’s Practice In Northern Nigeria

  • The Decision Of The Supreme Court Case Of Ukeje V. Ukeje In Relation To Igbo Customary Law

  • Divorce; Its Incidents And Place In The Nigerian Legal And Cultural System

  • A Study Of Customary Land Law And Tenure Practices Of Six Communities Of The Lower Benue River Valley Of Nigeria

  • Testate And Intestate Succession Under Nigeria Customary Law

  • Double-Decker Marriage In Nigeria: Issues, Problems And Solutions

  • Widowhood Practice In Nigeria

  • A Critical Appraisal Of Legitimacy And Legitimation Under Nigerian Family Law

  • An Appraisal Of The Application Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods To Marriage Disputes

  • Dissolution Of Marriage; Problems And Prospects

  • Critical Examination Of The Right Of Artificially Inseminated Child To Inherit Under Islamic Law