Project Topics on Federalism

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Federalism

  • Federalism And Resources Control In Nigeria: Problem And Prospects

  • Intergovernmental Relations And The Practice Of Federalism In Nigeria

  • Federalism And The Viability Of Nigerian States (The Bayelsa Experience)

  • Democracy And The Problems Of Federalism In Nigeria

  • Federalism And Minority Questions: A Critical Analysis Of The Fourth Republic

  • True Federalism; A Panacea For Rapid Growth In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Political Science Lecturers In Nigeria)

  • Federalism And Crises Management (A Case Study Of Boko Haram)

  • Federalism And Nation-Building In Nigeria: Challenges And Prospects

  • Fiscal Federalism And Nigerian Federalism

  • Fiscal Federalism And Resource Control In Nigeria: The Way Forward

  • A Critical Assessment Of Nigerian Federalism

  • Federalism And Revenue Allocation In Nigeria; A Critical Evaluation Of The Derivation Principle

  • Fiscal Federalism And Revenue Allocation In Nigeria

  • Nigerian Federalism: A Closer Look At The Issues Of Inter-Ethnic Rivalry And The Politics Of Accommodation Using The Igbo And Hausa Fulani Ethnic Groups As A Case Study

  • Democracy And Problems Of Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria (1999-2009)

  • Federalism In Nigeria Problems And Prospect (A Case Study Of National Integration)

  • The Politicization Of Religion In Northern Nigeria And Its Effects On The Nigeria Federalism

  • Federalism And Intergovernmental Relations In Nigeria

  • Federalism And The Problem Of Minority Question 2007-2014

  • Nigerian Federalism And Local Government Autonomy

  • Fiscal Federalism And Revenue Allocation From Federation Account To States Equitable And Fair

  • Ethnic Politics And Federalism In Nigeria

  • Fiscal Federalism: The Struggle For Resource Control

  • Federalism And National Integration In Nigeria: Issues And Challenges

  • Comparative Analysis Of Federalism And Natural Resource Management In Nigeria And South Africa (1960-2010)

  • Fiscal Federalism In Nigeria: Theory And Dimensions