Forestry and Wildlife Project Topics

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Forestry and Wildlife Project Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Effect Of Environmental Conditions Of Two Natural Wood Seasoning Media

  • Influence Of Mycorrhiza On Selected Tree Species; Gliricidia Sepium, Acacia Auriculiformis, Leucaena Leucocephala

  • Influence Of Plantation Age On Characteristics Of Gmelina Arborea

  • Environmental Integrity In Nigeria And Challenge Of Crude Oil Theft

  • Environmental Pollution In Nigeria: Issues And Solutions

  • Assessment Of Threatened And Endangered Forest Trees Species And Their Benefits In Potiskum Local Government Area, Yobe State, Nigeria

  • Evaluation Of Consumption Characteristics Of Mushroom And Snails Among Urban House Holds Within Akure Metropolis

  • Comparative Characterization Of Biodiesels Produced By Transesterification From Jatrpha Curcas And Thevetia Nerifolia Seeds

  • Evaluation Of The Impact Of Deforestation On The Environment

  • Characterization Of Pyrolytic Biofuel Prepared From Biomass Of Ceiba Pentandra And Melicia Excelsa

  • Analysis Of Poverty Status Of Forest Dwellers In Coastal Communities In Ondo State

  • The Effect Of Different Light Intensities On The Germination And Early Growth Of Chrysophyllum Albidum Seedling

  • Influence Of Different Light Intensities On The Germination And Early Growth Of Treculia Africana

  • The Effect Of Agbarho Slaughterhouse Effluent On The Agbarho River Water

  • Consequences Of Deforestation On Rural Household Income

  • Determination Of Anti-Oxidant, Nutritional And Anti-Nutritional Composition Of Garcinia Kola And Chrysophyllum Albidum From Rainforest Ecosystem Of Ondo State

  • Assessment Of Ambient Air Within The Vicinity Of A Charcoal Production Site In Amukpe Sapele, Delta State