Project Topics on Fuel

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Fuel

  • 2023 Fuel Subsidy Removal And Livelihood In Calabar South Local Government, Cross River State In Nigeria

  • Audience Perception Of Federal Government Removal Of Fuel Subsidy In January 2012

  • Political Economy Of Fuel Importation And Development Of Refineries In Nigeria, 1999-2013

  • The Impact Of The Change Of Fuel Price On The Nigeria Economy

  • The Effect Of Petroleum By-Products (Fuel And Kerosene) On The Haemoglobin Of African Cat Fish (Clarias Gariepinus)

  • Characterization Of Maiganga And Okaba Coal Blend For Solid Fuel Combustion

  • Injustice, Poverty And Unemployment As Factors Fueling School Kidnappings And Other Criminalities In Nigeria

  • Rural-Urban Interdependence On Fuel Wood In Anambra State, Nigeria

  • Design And Implementation Of Automated Fuel Dispensation System

  • Civil Society Organization And The Fuel Pump Price Deregulation Of 2013; A Critical Analysis

  • Deregulation Of Fuel Price In Nigeria

  • Characterization Of Pyrolytic Biofuel Prepared From Biomass Of Ceiba Pentandra And Melicia Excelsa

  • Statistical Study On The Impact Of Fuel Price On Transportation

  • The Economic Effects Of Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria

  • Time Series Analysis Of Sales Of Petroleum Products In Nigeria, 1988-2011 (A Case Study Of Sales Of Fuel At Balewa Fuel Station, Oshogbo, State Of Osun, Nigeria)

  • Design And Construction Of A Fuelless Power Generator Of 1kva Capacity

  • Fuel Scarcity And The Performance On The Nigeria Economy

  • Fuel Distribution In Nigeria: Problems And Solutions (A Case Study Of NNPC Enugu Depot)

  • The Effect Of 2021 Fuel Price Hike On Transportation System In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Ascent Transport Company (ATM), Abuja)

  • The Effect Of Fuel Subsidy Removal Purchase On Consumer Goods In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Nigeria Coca-Cola Company)

  • The Impact Fuel Scarcity On Nigeria Economy

  • The Effects Of Fuel Subsidy Removal On Nigerians’ Standard Of Living

  • Fuel Subsidy Removal And The Nigerian Economy

  • Assessment Of The Effect Of Fuel Price Hike On Business Operations (A Case Study Of Gourmet Pizza Company, Abuja)

  • The Effect Of Fuel Scarcity On Nigerian Economy: A Special Reference To Enugu Urban:

  • Fuel Distribution In Nigeria: Problems And Solutions (A Case Study Of NNPC Enugu Depot)

  • Effect Of Fuel Subsidy Removal On Socio-Economic Activities Of Households In Sardauna Local Government Area, Taraba State

  • Biofuels Boom Spurs Deforestation; Efforts To Slow Climate Change By Using Biofuels And Planting Millions Of Trees For Carbon Credits Have Ironically Brought Major New Causes Of Deforestation, Reports Stephen Leahy

  • Design And Manufacture A Fuel Less Generator

  • An Assessment Of Public Perception On The Issues Associated With 2023 Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria

  • A Critical Analysis Of The Implication Of Fuel Hike On Food Production And Supply In Nigeria

  • Critical Survey On Fuel Price Changes And Its Effect On Nigeria Economy

  • Thermal Conversion Of Palm Kernel Shell And Mesocarp Fruit Fibre Into Fuel

  • Effect Of Fuel Subsidy On The Economy Of Nigeria

  • The Adverse Effect Of Fuel Scarcity On Farm Produce

  • Insecurity Of Corps Members As A Triggering Fueling Factor For The Repeal Of NYSC Act

  • The Effect Of Increase In Fuel Price On Transportation

  • Problems Of Inadequate Fuel Distribution In Nigeria

  • Bacteria Powered Fuel

  • Optimization Of Biodiesel Production From Yellow Oleander And Castor Oils And Studies Of Their Fuel Properties

  • The Socio-Economic Implications Of Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria; An Examination Of Tinibu Administration

  • Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) Blended – Granite – Gravel Concrete