Project Topics on Fund Management

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Fund Management

  • An Appraisal Of The Challenges Of Fund Management In The Nigeria Local Government System

  • Pension Scandal In Nigeria: Its Impact On Public Fund Management

  • Banker’s Role In Pension Fund Management In Nigeria

  • E-Payment System – Its Impact On Electronic Fund Transfer And Cash Management In Commercial Banks

  • Effect Of Pensions Fund Management On Retirees In Nigerian Police Force

  • Revenue and Fund Management in Local Government System In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Owerri Municipal Council)

  • A Critical Assessment Of Fund Management Strategies And Effective Administration In Secondary Schools

  • Impact Of Pension Fund Management On Economic Growth Of Nigeria

  • Economic Impact Of Local Government Autonomy And Fund Management (A Study Of Enugu North Local Government Area 1990-2015)

  • The Impact Of Fund Management And Corporate Survival In Developing Nigerian Banking Institution (A Case Study Of Central Bank Nigeria, Ilorin)

  • Funds Management And Control In The Public Sector: A Case Study Of Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria