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List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Geography Project Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Comparative Analysis Of Rural-Urban Differentials In Sex Preference In Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • Characteristics Of The Ageing Population

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Of Limestone Quarrying In Limestone Deposit Areas

  • Corrosion Inhibition Of Aluminium In An Acidic Medium

  • The Contribution Of Atmospheric Pollution To Climate Change

  • Effects Of Gully Erosion On The Environment

  • Analysis Of Domestic Solid Waste Management Strategies

  • Planning Implications Of Housing Development In Jos Jarawa District, Jos North, Plateau State, Nigeria

  • An Assessment Of The Perception Of Local Farmers On Climate Change In Ido Local Govt Area Of Oyo State

  • Effects Of Population Growth On Transportation Facilities In Warri Metropolis

  • Assessment Of Urban Encroachment On Agricultural Land

  • An Analysis Of The Domestic Water Demand And Supply

  • History Of Development And Demographic Change In Lagos State

  • Delineation Of Aquifer Depths And Its Characterization Using Geophysical Method

  • An Assessment Of Government Effort On The Provision Of Portable Water Supply

  • Rainfall Trends And Variability

  • Operational Traffic Characteristics Of Railway Transport Service

  • Water Supply And Consumption

  • Earth-Space Rain Attenuation Prediction For Lagos At Ku Band

  • Socio-Economic Effect Of Population Growth In Nigeria; A Study Of Dekina Local Government Area Of Kogi State

  • The Socio-Economic Impact Of Zobe Dam On Its Neighbouring Environment

  • Analysis Of Road Traffic Crash

  • Effects Of Some Weather Elements On The Occurrence Of Malaria, Typhoid And Tuberculosis Cases

  • Assessment Of Built-Up Expansion

  • Perception Of Urban Beautification Program

  • Demographic And Socio-Economic Consequences Of Child Labour

  • Effectiveness Of Drainage Networks On Floods In Calabar Metropolis, Nigeria

  • The Physio-Chemical Properties Of Clay Through Laboratory Analysis

  • Assessment Of Community Participation In Rural Development Projects

  • Resource Exploitation And Environmental Impact (A Case Study Of Niger Delta Region Of Nigeria)

  • Geology Of Aking And Its Environs

  • Evaluation Of The Effects Of Anthropoenic Activities And Domestic Waste On Surface Water Quality (A Case Study Of Ekulu River, Enugu)

  • Effects Of Global Warming

  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis Of The Prevalence Of Waterborne Diseases

  • Technical Consideration Of The Effect Of Solar Radiation On Nigeria

  • Determination Of Flowing Bottom-Hole Pressure From Well-Head Data

  • Effects Of Soil Erosion In Emerging Urban Centre Of Afuze

  • Effect Of Precipitation Effectiveness Indices On The Yield Of Some Selected Cereal Crops