Project Topics on Green

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Green

  • Impact Of Green Business Practices On Performance Of Selected Small Business Enterprises In Ilorin Metropolis.

  • An Evaluation Of Green Human Resources And Employees’ Behavior In The Hotel Industry

  • The Impact Of Managing Electronic Waste To Ensure Green Computing

  • Assessment Of Green Human Resources And Employees’ Behavior In Hotel Industry (A Case Study Selected Hotels In Owerri, Imo State)

  • Green Building As Innovation In Nigeria Construction Industry

  • Examine The Effects Of Green Packaging On Consumers Green Purchase Intentions And Actual Purchase Behaviour

  • An Approach To Well Placement And Production In A Green Field

  • Awareness And Practice Of Green Construction

  • Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Recycling System For Protecting The Green Environment

  • Examining Green Practices Towards Achieving Sustainable Development In Hotels

  • Preparation Of A Green Demulsifier From Naturally Occurring Substances

  • Green Human Resource Management And Organizational Effectiveness

  • The Concept Of Green Accounting In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Chevron)