Project Topics on Gubernatorial Elections

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Gubernatorial Elections

  • Influence Of Social Media On Choice Of Candidate In The 2015 Gubernatorial Election

  • The Mass Media And Democratic Governance In Nigeria: An Appraisal Of 2015 Gubernatorial Elections In Ogun State

  • Evaluating The Acceptance Of Political Campaign On Social Media Platforms During The 2024 Gubernatorial Election In Edo State

  • The Role Of Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) On Election Credibility (A Case Study Of The 2021 Anambra Gubernatorial Election)

  • Effect Of Sales Promotion On Political Parties Performance In Ekiti-State (A Case Study Of Ekiti-State Gubernatorial Exercises)

  • Objectivity In The Role Of Nigerian Television Authority In The Mobilization Of Electorate For 2019 Oyo Gubernatorial Election

  • Perception Of Gubernatorial Newspaper Advertisements In The 2015 Election By The Electorate In Oleh Metropolis, Delta State

  • Administration Of Justice And Internal Party Democracy: A Study Of 2007 People’s Democratic Party Gubernatorial Primary Election In Rivers State

  • Electoral Violence In Nigeria: The Case Of Anambra State Gubernatorial Elections

  • Evaluation Of The Use Of Facebook In Political Mobilization In The Gubernatorial Elections In Imo State

  • Critical Discourse Analysis Of Selected Political Campaign Speeches Of Gubernatorial Candidates In South-Western Nigeria 2007-2014

  • Assessment Of The 2014 Ekiti Gubernatorial Election

  • Perception Of University Undergraduates On The Effectiveness Of Social Media In Gubernatorial Elections