Project Management Project Topics

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Project Management Project Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • Effectiveness Planning And Control In Construction Industry In Nigeria

  • An Assessment Of Maintenance In Local Government Areas In Accordance To Project Management (A Case Study Of Oron Lga, Akwa Ibom State)

  • The Effect Of Colour Coding In Project Success And Delivery

  • The Role Of Budgeting In Tertiary Institutions Management (A Case Study Of The University Of Uyo)

  • Challenges Of Project Management And Sustenance Of Business Organization In Nigeria

  • Project Cost Control In The Nigerian Construction Industry (A Case Study Of El-Alan Construction Company Limited)

  • Effective Resource Budgeting As A Tool For Project Management (A Case Study Of The Coca-Cola Company)

  • The Impact On Management Of Abandoned Project In Nigeria

  • Design And Implementation Of Online Tracking Project Management Solution (A Case Study Of Serapheadquaters, Lagos)

  • Evaluating The Impact And Barriers For De-Risking Strategies

  • The Effect Of Labour And Material Costs On The Total Cost Of Construction