Staff Development and Distance Education Project Topics

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Staff Development and Distance Education Project Topics for Students in Nigeria

  • The Problems Of Hostel Management And Accommodation In Higher Institutions In Nigeria

  • Staff Training And Development Of School Personnel

  • Causes And Consequences Of Simple Parent Hood

  • Staff Interactive Co-Operation And Effective Team Building

  • The Interplay Between Conflict Management And Academic Staff Performance

  • Communication Style And Staff Performance In The Selected Secondary Schools In Education

  • The Effect Of Staff Education And Development In Quality Performance In Nigeria Immigration Service

  • Staff Appraisal And Corporate Performance Of Akwa Ibom State Water Company Ltd

  • Partnership Business And Its Contribution To The Economics Development And Growth Of Nigeria

  • The Role Secretaries Tool For Enhancing The Quality Of Service Rendered By Government Establishment

  • An Evaluation Of Staff Motivation Measures In The Management Of Schools

  • Management / Labour Relations And Its Effects On Productivity

  • Assessment Of Effective Cultism Management Techniques In Higher Institution: A Perception Of Staff And Students Of Selected Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

  • Staff Appraisal And Corporate Performance Of Water Company LTD

  • Staff Motivation In Academic Libraries

  • An Investigation Of Preferred Stress Management Strategies Adopted By The Administrative Staff Of Tertiary Institutions In Federal Capital Territory, Abuja (A Case Study Of Baze University)

  • Problems Of Allocation, Distribution And Marketing Of Petroleum Products (A case study of NNPC Enugu Depot)

  • Relationship Between Effective Educational Planning And Staff Performance

  • Influence Of Staff Development And Training On Teacher’s Productivity In Secondary Schools

  • An Assessment Of Staff Retention Strategy For Montessori Schools In Ghana

  • Financial Statement Analysis As A Bank Lending Decision

  • Non–Teaching Staff Development Programmes For Quality Assurance In Tertiary Educational Institutions

  • Effect Of Working Condition On Productivity Of Academic Staff Of Tertiary Institutions In Abuja (A Case Study Of Veritas University And University Of Abuja)

  • Staff Turnover And School Effectiveness In Private Secondary Schools In Education

  • The Importance Of Departmental Vote Analysis Book

  • Staff And Students Perception On Immoral Dressing: A Case Study Of Federal College Of Education Osiele In Abeokuta Odeda Local Government Area Of Ogun State

  • Impact Of Staff Development In Effective Management Of Government Parastatals (A case study of NEPA Enugu District)

  • The Impact Of Staff Welfare Scheme On Workers Productivity: A Case Study Of Colben

  • Staff Appraisal And Corporate Performance

  • The Effect Of Motivation On Workers In The Public Sector In Nigeria Telecommunication

  • The Influence Of Home Factors As Correlates Of Staff Job Performance

  • The Role Of Computer In Improving Secretarial Functions In Commercial Banks

  • Staff Motivational Strategies As A Tool To Improve Qualitative Education

  • Effect Of Administrative Staff On Students’ Academic Achievement In Government Secondary Schools

  • Assessment Of Internal Control System In Government Establishment

  • Problems And Social Effects Of Vandalization Of Government Utility Installations (A Case Study Of National Electric Power Authority) N.E.P.A Enugu District