Project Topics on Aluminum

List of Project Topics for Final Year Research Students in Nigeria

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List of Final Year Project Topics on Aluminum

  • Construction Of Aluminum Wall Rack

  • Assessment Of The Criteria For The Promotion Of Employees In Alo Aluminium Company

  • Design And Fabrication Of Mini Copula Furnace And An Atomizer For The Production Of Powdered Metal From Waste Aluminium Cans

  • Mechanical Properties Of An Aluminium Or Silicon Carbide Composite Connecting Rod Containing Varying Volume Fractions Of SIC

  • Advertising As Complimentary Tool In Marketing Of Aluminum Kitchen Ware (A Case Study Of Tower Aluminum)

  • Source Of Finance For Medium Scale Industry In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Aluminum Manufacturing Company Alumaco)

  • Construction Of Aluminium Wall Rack

  • Motivation Of Employees In An Organisation (A Study Of Tower Aluminium Company)

  • Stochastic Evaluation Of Offshore Carbon Fibre Reinforced Concrete Platforms On Aluminum Girders

  • Production Of Aluminium Pots

  • Optical And Structural Properties Of Copper Aluminum Diselenide (CuAlSe2) Compound Thin Films

  • Determination Of The Concentration Of Aluminum In Canned Beverages Using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Fabrication Of Aluminium Window

  • Corrosion Inhibition Of Aluminium In An Acidic Medium

  • Performance Evaluation Of Different Materials As Chills In Sand Casting Of Aluminium Alloy

  • Construction Of Aluminum / Glass Window

  • Development Of Pilot-Scale Reactor For The Production Of Aluminium Hydroxide From Alum Derived From Kankara Kaolin For Zeolite Y Synthesis

  • The Inhibitive Effect Of Alanine On Corrosion Of Aluminium In 0.5 M Hcl Solution Using The Weight Loss Technique

  • Thermal Conductivity Of Selected Aluminium Roofing Sheets In Nigeria

  • Investigation Of The Effect Of Moulding Sand (Natural & Synthetic) On Casting Of Flange Using Aluminium

  • The Effect Of Weight Percentage Of Silicon Carbide On Mechanical Behavior Of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite

  • The Impact Of Efficient Material Handling Method In A Manufacturing Organization (A Case Study Of Max Aluminium Industry, Owerri)

  • Dissolution Kinetic And Solvent Extraction Of Aluminium From Kaolin

  • Exploring The Sustainability Of Using Aluminum Materials For Durable Doors And Windows In Building

  • Proper Accounting Information As A Tool For Management Decision – Making (A Case Study Of Alo Aluminum)